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San Leone

Is an hamlet near Agrigento and takes its name from Pope Leone II, and in the past was the venue for emporium. Today is a lively locality that especially during summer nights becomes very pleasant, where nights are lit on the beach and stands and shops are filled with the sounds of voices and music. Enjoy the sunset on the "African sea", as Pirandello would put it, is a true privilege, then you can spend great evenings on the beach.

Valley Of The Temples

A breathtaking show: in the midst of a lush vegetation, among trees of the "old almond forest", the shape of the Temples, which the Greeks erected as bastions of art and civilization, can be seen. The pinnacle of the Dioscuri temple, symbol of the Valley and of Agrigento, is the prelude to the enormous Temple of Zeus, the imposing Temple of Eracle, the delightfully elegant Temple of Concordia, and the Temple of Juno, unique in its search for artistic perfection. and perfect harmony.
Between January and February, the white and the pink of the almonds in bloom are the first stirrings of Agrigento spring, giving to the valley a charming and romantic mood.


This town is the repository of many cultures, as evidenced by the various art styles present in the buildings that line the narrow streets of the center that wind from Via Atenea with grand noble palaces and very beautiful churches.
Different architectural styles combine Norman and baroque influences, especially in the Cathedral of San Gerlando and in the Medieval and astounding Monastery of Santo Spirito. It has a Chiaramontano style portal and gorgeous color effect created by the alternate use of limestone and sandstone and an original defensive facade brightened by refined monofore and bifore little windows.
In Contrada Caos you will find the "secluded house" where Luigi Pirandello lived during his childhood and teenage years, which nowadays functions as a museum. The pathway next to the house leads to the "lonely pine", so many times evoked by the playwright, and which stands tall in the suggestive landscape.

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